1 Year at Chocolate City Group, What I have learnt – Parklins

1 Year at Chocolate City Group, What I have learnt – Parklins
August 24, 2017 Admin

A year ago, I became a designer at Chocolate City Group, a media and entertainment giant in Africa. After completing my internship with Genni Games, I decided to spend the next few months learning and trying out another industry.

During my period of learning,  I spent time more time doing design competitions especially on stutern.com. Before I continue, I’d love to give a big shout out to kehinde Ayanleye, Taiwo Ayanleye and the entire team at Stutern.com. For the records, I have receive all my internship opportunities from their platform including Chocolate City. The team at Stutern guided me with interview tips, negotiation skill, notification emails and patient phone calls that helped me maintain my cool before and during interviews.

Getting into the Chocolate City, my first lessons was about the importance of responsibility and taking charge of your part in the team. I signed up for an internship position but was quickly given responsibilities that has shaped me to become better with people, team and relationships. I was appointed Culture Code Chairman on my first Monday meeting with the team and a week after, was offered a full time position to fully engaged with the team and projects. This is so for my shortest internship ever as it lasted just 1 week ?

I have tried to document my experience all the way through the journey. Here is what I have learnt so far:

Audu Maikori I saw Audu first at the cover of a First Bank Magazine in 2015 and since then looked up to him for inspiration. I met him in person at my first meeting with the team. Audu has taught me what true leadership means. He has taught that as a leader, “If you can not admit that you can fail, then you have really failed” that “The greatest confident is to know and acknowledge when you are wrong” He taught us all how to detect anchoring traps during a conversation especially business related, how to make decisions and avoid sunk cost.

From left Arinze Obieze, Ebele Moluwa, Audu Maikori, Parklins Ifeanyichukwu and Olumide Falegun

From left Arinze Obieze, Ebele Moluwa, Audu Maikori, Parklins Ifeanyichukwu and Olumide Falegun

Paul Okeugo I have a great deal of respect for Paul. Paul is an excellent strategist, smart, proactive, intelligent and he never forget the words he speak. He has taught me the importance of coming to an agreement with your team and honoring it through. I was engaged in high profile brainstorming sessions so I can learn how to think through a game plan. His believe in me has allowed me to grow massively in my craft. My favorite of his quote is the one that talks about attention to detail “To build and stay in a successful business, you need to pay attention to details” – Paul Okeugo

Aibee Abidoye is a sweet team lead and general manager. She is a very intelligent and strong African woman. She has taught me the importance of communication especially with my team members.

With M.I Jude Abaga I learnt that as a team and a person, you need to find a niche and be extraordinary at it. I also learn that it is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows. My favorite Jude quote is “One of the reason you can’t beat Coca Cola as a cola drink is because you can’t beat Coca Cola as a bottling company”.

Edward is our sweet guy at choc city. He has taught me to be open to critics, argue less, study the environment and use the right choice of words to avoid being shut down by somebody especially in high profile engagements.

Kema is one of the most hard working and organized African woman I have been privileged to work with. She has taught me to be time conscious and be exceptionally organized. I learnt that your passion for your your job is not enough to beat deadline, that you need to also see the job as a freaking job and take it seriously because your role affects the delivery of the entire team.

Olumide has taught me to me open minded. I learnt how not take every single thing personal. How to be maintain professional ethics regardless your fight with a team member a minute ago. He has a corporate sense that makes me want to wear a suit jacket to the office ?

Bukola is so straight forward. He doesn’t beat around the bush unless he wants chocolate. He has taught me how to carry the team along.

Seyi has made me comfortable with laws

Maryjane has taught me forgiveness, respect and attention to attitude.

Mr. Kayode taught me how to take coffee for Africa when I’m feeling design lazy ?

My advice is to ensure that you learn as much as you can at every place you spend time. Stay open to learn and move on as a better person. Collate your improvements and keep records of your achievement as they will motivate you to keep believing you can get shit done.

As you do this, remember that success is not owned. It is leased and rent is due everyday. So you need to ”Push your butt to learn everyday, how to become successful and remain relevantly successful!” – IC Parklins

Many thanks to my team and their believe in me. I joined the team at age 18 but I was allowed to handle responsibilities that are important to the team’s growth.



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