Final day as Design Lead at Chocolate City – Parklins

Final day as Design Lead at Chocolate City – Parklins
August 25, 2017 Admin
Parklins send forth cake at Chocolate City Group

So today makes Parklins Ifeanyichukwu’s final day at Chocolate City as Design Lead. However, now begins a new journey further into the design and creative industry.

Also today, we officially launched our newly designed website. During my first week at Chocolate City I first mission was to have our website rebranded.

I’m happy ? to have rounded up this project (Shouts to my remarkable team) before leaving. As we built the website, I observed the damages of procrastination, how talk is cheap and how execution and daily push push is key. Visit and tell me what you think ?.

I’m grateful to my entire team & family at Chocolate City for the opportunity to serve as designer, culture lead and design lead in a short time of 1 year. “Joined Chocolate City at age 18 as design intern, sent forth at age 19 as Design Lead.

What I’d like to share…

Dear Young People,
Do well to ask questions, don’t just okay, okay everything. What I have noticed is that people can talk for Africa even and at the point of execution won’t be able to do shit. If you listen to them closely and ask questions, you will notice their base is backed by assumptions.

I’ll be 20 soon and I kinda feel old ?. Don’t let people tell to be satisfied with failure or a particular level of success simply because you are young, Bullshit!

What next?

Well, a personal retreat to reflect, refuel, refocus and replan. However, over the top, I will be trying out all the things I have passion for and attain mastery in the ones I really love ❤️. This Includes some ideas worthy to be part of your daily dealings. Moving on to the next hustle worthy of documentary. I’m still Choc Boi tho and have experienced what if feels like to be in Choc Boy Nation with DJ Lambo as President, Awesomeness! ?

Your Choc Boy,
IC Parklins (Drops Mic ?)


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