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Why you’ll love it here:

. Your daily duties will have a meaningful impact on millions of people all over the world.
. You’ll be surrounded by the most friendly, supportive colleagues you can imagine.
. As we grow, so will you! Chocolate City paced; challenging environment offers you great opportunities for professional development.
. You’ll always be kept informed. Our monthly town hall meetings bring our teams together, ensuring we’re all up to speed and moving forward as one.
. Switching off is important! At Chocolate City, we like to work hard and play hard. Enjoy our fun team events, free merch and more!

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We are looking for A&R:

Self-motivated individual who can foster strong relationships with artists, colleagues and key stakeholders through the careful development of released material that will grow the artists audience.
Minimum of 2years industry experience, with a demonstrated track record of finding new songs for existing talent and finding emerging artists.

Your daily adventures will include:

Assist in the development of the Labels artist roster by locating and liaising with artists that will inculcate cultural shifts through the frequent release of impactful content.
Continually assess market for collaborative opportunities for Artists with producers, writers and musicians.  
Ensuring split sheets are collected and reviewed after each session.
Arrange listening sessions for pre-release approvals.
Devise annual artist outlook plans ensuring execution of agreed tasks
Manage artist budget and spend with regularly updated P&L’s
Attend writing and recording sessions to support the creative process
Continually monitor artists market position, suggesting growth goals
Monitor the success of each release liaising with Marketing, Promotions and Commercial teams
Oversee recording, production, mastering and sequencing of artists projects
Liaising with Royalties in the preparation of quarterly artist statements.
Overall supervision to ensure all agreements, clearances and releases are signed and closed in advance of song/project release deadlines.
Ensuring the correct and timely storage of all content and raw data

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